Creating Smart Actions for Nike FLOW

Smart Actions play a very pivotal role to you hitting restocks and configuring them is a super easy process! The process is straight forward and we urge everyone to be proactive and set up their smart actions. Don't miss out on this opportunity to optimize your chances for success!

Creating Smart Actions for Nike FLOW on Cybersole:

1. Click the Radar Icon in the top right hand corner of Cybersole.

2. You will see a monitor feed page pop up on your screen. Click the second tab, titled Smart Actions.

3. Click New Action.

3. Select the SKU Monitoring Smart Action Template.

4. Customize the Smart Action to something like so:

5. This is all you need to do: Whenever the SKUs listed pings our monitor, and the store is Nike US, your Smart Action will be triggered. As a result, tasks will be created in task group "Nike," with store as Nike US. These tasks will use the triggered SKU as input, have the profile group set as "Test," the proxy group as "Test," and the Quantity set to 5. This Quantity setting means that tasks will be created in a quantity of 5 times the number of profiles in the "Test" group. Additionally, the tasks will have a Size Range of 10-12. These tasks will start automatically, and your view will be directed to the Nike group upon activation. Feel free to customize this process according to your preferences, and you can also set up multiple Smart Actions for various SKUs and size ranges if needed.

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