SKU + Size Smart Action Filter

After many suggestions, there is now support for SKU + Size in smart actions. This allows to filter for different SKU and size ranges (e.g., DH9765-600:5-7). We've also added a new variable called "Matched Sizes", this will be equal to the restocked sizes that your SKU + Size filter(s) have matched.

- SKU1:8-10
- SKU2:10-13

If SKU1 restocks sizes 8, 9, and 11 then the Matched Sizes variable will be equal to sizes 8 and 9. You can use this filter in the Create Tasks action to create tasks with only the restocked sizes (where previously using the Available Sizes variable would create tasks with all restocked sizes, some of which you might not be interested in). You MUST use one of the filter formats below. You cannot enter a SKU by itself. If you want to run "random" on a SKU, we could recommend adding it in such as "SKU:4-17".

Filter formats you can use:
- Single size (SKU:5)
- Size range (SKU:5-10)
- Multiple sizes (SKU:5, 10, 11)
- Combination (SKU:5-12, 13, 14)

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