Shopify checkout modes

Fast - The default checkout mode. It's the fastest out of all four, but won't work if Shopify's anti-bot is up.

Safe - This mode attempts to mimic a human checkout as much as possible in an attempt to bypass Shopify's anti-bot system. Safe is obviously slightly slower than Fast.

Safe preload - This mode is very similiar to safe, the only difference is that it will generate a checkout URL upon starting the task in order to bypass the queue. It's recommended to always run a mix of safe and safe preload on websites using Shopify's anti-bot. 

Manual - This mode will generate a checkout URL, go through the queue and add the product to cart, then send the checkout URL to your discord webhook where you will be able to manually complete the checkout. The bot will stay at "Waiting for checkout" and wait for you to checkout, and once so will show the status of the order (declined or successful) meaning all your checkouts will still show in your CyberAIO dashboard and mobile app. We only recommend using this mode on major drops when there is enough time to complete the checkout manually. Manual mode is the safest out of all four.

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