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Virtual Machines can also be used to run CyberAIO, and personally, it's one of the least favourable way. This is mainly due to it sharing resources with your Mac OS as you run both at the same time. Yes it is convenient, but there's a high chance that you will experience lags and delays most of the time. 

First time users are entitled to a 14 days free trial, so please make sure you claim it.

This article will guide you through the installation of Parallels on your Mac. Please note that you'll need to purchase a valid license key prior to this.  

Step 1: Purchase Windows license and Parallels Desktop license.

Step 2: Download Parallels Desktop.

Step 3: Create a new virtual machine.


If you plan to purchase Windows 10, you can also choose to purchase by clicking "Get Windows 10 from Microsoft" option. In this article, we will proceed by choosing the 2nd option, "Install Windows or another OS from a DVD or image file". Then, press Continue


On the next page, it will automatically search for any Windows ISO image on your Mac. If it doesn't, press "Choose Manually"  and navigate to the folder containing Windows ISO and open it. Press Continue after selecting the Windows ISO image. 


Key in your Windows license key bought earlier, or you can choose to uncheck the box and do it later.


Next, choose productivity or games only and press Continue


Select the location where you want to save the files for the virtual machine. The default location will be fine.


Windows will be installed on the Virtual Machine. Follow the on screen steps to set up your Windows. After Windows is set up, install CyberAIO like you would on any other Windows PC.

Follow the link below to install CyberAIO:

How to Install CyberAIO

Step 4: Cook with CyberAIO.

You're good to go at this stage, and happy cooking!


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