Overview of the Billing tab inside CyberAIO

When you launch CyberAIO you can navigate via the top buttons on the bots interface. To view your billing profiles simply click 'Billing'.

From here you can create new profiles, load saved ones and import/export!

Everything is self explanatory so we'll cover over a couple of things which you may be wondering about.

Most stores your delivery and billing must match, so bare this in mind when creating profiles. This applies to Supreme mostly as they are notorious for declining orders which don't match the billing address attached to the payment method.

If you untick Billing Details it will grey out and the bot will automatically use your Delivery information as your Billing so you don't need to enter it twice.

Finally, if you wish you can enable one checkout per profile, this means the bot will only check out once per profile per site. For example, if you're running for Yeezys on Kith, Blends and Social Status with 3 profiles per store, the bot will at most purchase 3 pairs per store.

Due to the speed of CyberAIO its possible to purchase more than one pair on one profile with the box ticked due to how payment processing works - Once the bot hits that stage it's impossible to stop as its no longer in our control. We cannot be held accountable if you over-purchase so be careful when setting up and only run as many tasks on your cards as you can genuinely afford to spend.


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