What is a 'Quick Task'?


A Quick Task is a feature that will automatically start tasks with your selected profiles at the touch of a button.

An example of the link looks like this: https://cybersole.io/dashboard/tasks?quicktask=URLGOESHERE
You can also mass link change with a link as well: https://cybersole.io/dashboard/tasks?linkchange=URLGOESHERE

Quick task links are also able to be integrated into Shopify monitors that many 'cookgroups' use to be alerted the instant a product is live on a website.

The ideal use case for quick task would be when a sneaker drops on a website under a different name than it is normally labeled as where keywords wouldn't be effective in picking the product up. Users can then take advantage of quick task by clicking the link in the Shopify monitor (specifically for CyberAIO) and be the first ones to checkout with very minimal effort and time wasted. 

  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut "F1" for mass link changing if a link is copied to your clipboard. This will change all tasks running that site to the link copied.
  • You can also use the keyboard shortcut "F2" to bring up a quicktask menu, which will automatically insert the link you have copied to your clipboard, allowing you to start the tasks in a rapid succession.
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