This is where you build your task profiles. These are the backbone of your set-up. A correctly set up task will ensure the bot finds the product you’re going for at the right time . A task consists of:

Checkout Profile
Keywords/Direct Link/SKU
Amount [of tasks to create]
Scheduled start
Specific proxy

On this page you’ll also find ‘Add Task’, ‘Clear All Tasks’, ‘Start All Tasks’, ‘Stop All Tasks’ and ‘Open Captcha Queue’

All of them options are clear as day as to what they do!
When you open the captcha queue you can log into a different Google account in each solver to help ensure one click captchas.

On this page you’ll find a list of your loaded in proxies. To load a proxy simply click ‘Add Proxies’ and enter it in the required format. Cyber requires them in either IP:Port:Username:Password or just IP:Port.

Once you’ve added your proxies click ‘Test All Proxies’ to ensure they are working. The lower the speed (In ms) the faster the proxies are. Be sure to test them a few times to make sure the speeds are consistent. In an ideal world you’ll want these speeds to be well under 500ms but don’t worry if they’re not. A lot of variables are in place here which range from the proxy location, site location and your home connection in general. To maximise your speeds you can get a virtual server such as Vultr or AWS. But this isn’t compulsory - I’ve personally been using bots for around 2 years and I’ve never onced used a server and I’ve still copped a lot of Yeezys, Human Races, Supreme etc etc.

Here you’ll find your billing profiles. All data here is stored locally so only you have access to it. We recommend exporting your profiles often so if any updates wipe them you can quickly import.


This page gives you the chance to reset (Deactivate) your key, change your delays and check for updates manually.


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