What are the rules of the Discord?

1.  No racist/homophobic/sexist slurs or insults. Just think before you click the enter button.

2. No leaking any information in this server. If you leak, you're lowering the chances of yourself and the rest of the community copping.

3. No scamming. If you scam in any way, shape or form you will be removed instantly.

4. No advertising without permission. If you wish to advertise your slots/carts or proxy services please ask - This doesn't apply to @Proxy Providers

5. No excessive spamming in main chat - Take this to #spam

6. No talking in #success at all - This is strictly for success images.

7. Treat all users with respect - Everyone is here to help. Support/Lucas get swamped with messages but we always get back to you.

8. Please don't spam the main chat with errors during releases - 99% of the time they're site based and not Bot related therefore you just have to be patient and watch for our @s as we'll update everyone in real time.

9. If you take an L [Which will happen, not everyone cooks every drop - Bots increase your chances and nothing more]

10. Have fun!

We're now offering a 3 strike and you're out scenario with the Discord due to leakers etc. Please follow the rules below. If you get a strike we will notify you. Just basically be an all round nice person and you'll be fine. We're extremely lenient and laid back as our users will know but we have to make sure the Discord is a nice and healthy environment for everyone.

Good Luck 😉

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