Keywords are what the bot uses when searching the sitemap in order to locate the desired product.

Two types of keywords:

  1. Positive keywords are words that the bot will search for when looking for a product. 
    • Positive keywords you type in normally and they will appear green.
  2. Negative keywords are words that the bot will ignore when looking for a product.
    • Negative keywords can be entered by adding a " - " to the beginning of the word.
    • For example:  -white. Negative keywords will appear red in the edit task screen.

For example:

In this task, CyberAIO will be searching DSM US for a Jordan 1 that is does NOT have the color white in its name or the tag GS which stands for Grade School sizes. On some releases, having detailed keywords may be necessary to achieve the desired product to be checked out so be sure to read the release guides provided in the Discord and also do extra research if needed. 

You are now ready to use keywords 😎


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