General overview of CyberAIO

This will help you understand the aspects of the bot.2018-07-29_22h33_33.png

1. By clicking on add tasks. This will prompt you with a screen which allows you to setup a task for your preferred site. 


2. This button allows you to completely get rid of all task at the same time allowing you to save time.

3. When you have created your tasks this button will allow you to start all your tasks at the exact same time.

4. This button allows you to stop all your tasks at the exact same time.

5. This allows you to setup for your one clicks Captcha buy login into your gmail account. 

2018-07-29_23h12_50.png 2018-07-29_23h13_31.png

6. This feature allows you to change all the tasks for a specific site to run on the link you specify. Remember this feature is site specific so if you enter a link for Kith, it will only change the Kith tasks to that link.


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