How to create a Footsite task?

 Creating a Footsite Task is simple:

1. Find the SKU/Product # through a release guide or you can get it yourself by going to the product page of the desired sneaker on whichever Footsite it is on.

SKU can be found in the browser.

Or further down the product page.

2. Open CyberAIO and select your Footsite of choice to create a task. Simply paste the SKU into the allotted space along with selecting your size and checkout profile.


3. Add the task, and start. You are now ready to go.

Notes: If a new sneaker is dropping on a footsite, when you start the task you should be seeing a countdown on the task. The countdown is grabbed from whatever footsite is being run and will start running automatically once the countdown finally reaches 0:00.

Good Luck 🤠

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