How to create a Supreme task

How to create a Supreme task


In order to create supreme tasks there are essential steps that needs to be acquired first.
1. Time -  [Supreme UK 11AM BST  & Supreme US 11AM EST] Always the same time

2. Key Words - This can always be found under the release guide channel in discord which helps you setup the tasks.

3. Proxies - We suggest you use residential proxies as you would have the best choice with this.

4. Delays - We suggest using 700/1000 as this normally works fine for everyone but feel free to lower the delay with your own risk

5. Setup Captcha - Please open the Captcha tab and sign into your gmail [More information on this please refer to the setting up Captcha]

Example of how to setup supreme tasks. 

This is a example of a release guide we do.


If you are interested on the [Supreme®/Spitfire® Classic Swirl T-Shirt] now all you do is follow the instructions.


As you can see I've customised the:


As followed by the release guide.

Now you simple [Add Task] and then manually start the task which will go into countdown.

Now you are all good to go.


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