How to create a Shopify Task

How to create a Shopify Task:

1. Click “Add Tasks” in the lower left hand corner of the bot. A menu like this should show up:

For this example, we will be creating a task for the NIKE AIR MAX 720 on Click on the “Select a retailer” and type “Kith” then select it.

Two more options should appear like so:

**The Login field is for sites that require login to checkout such as Undefeated and Concepts. Toggle the switch to green and input your login details for those sites. The Password field is for sites that have their password page up. You can toggle that to green and input the password manually or use the mass link change feature in the lower right part of the bot and type “Site:Password”. So for Kith, Kith:Password, or Custom, Custom:Password.


2. Next, paste the link to the desired product or compose your keywords in the “Keywords/URL” field. Keywords can be composed by typing the positive keyword without a positive sign (+) then hitting enter. The keyword will appear in a green box. For negative keywords, be sure to use a negative sign (-). The keyword will appear in a red box.


3. Select the size and checkout profile. You can also specify the amount of tasks to be created. If you change it from 1 to 5, it will create 5 tasks with the same profile. You can also schedule the start time which will bypass the queue. This isn’t necessary, but it is a nice feature if you don’t want to start your tasks early and/or are away from your PC. And lastly, you can specify what proxy you would like the task to use rather than it automatically assigning one from your proxy list. The menu should now look like this:

4. Click the “Add Task(s)” button and you’re good to start your task(s)! Good luck!

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