Retrying in 10 Seconds loop

Receiving this upon start?




Firstly, be sure you are not on Windows 7. This is the main cause for this error. Cyber no longer supports Windows 7 and you will need to either update or run on a server. Cyber is also having some issues on Windows Server 2012, so please do refrain from using that for now. Run 2016 instead.

If that isn't the case, back up and delete the CyberAIO folder in %appdata% then try running again. To navigate to this location, press Windows Key + R then paste that location into there.

If that also fails, you can try unbinding from the discord, rebinding to the same discord, and launching Cyber again.

Please also make sure your computer date time is calibrated correctly. should show if your computer date time is any different to their servers.

Lastly, if all else fails and on a server, terminate it then recreate it. That should fix it.


If your problem still persists, please create a support ticket or post in #help in the Discord.

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