Pop-out Delay Box:
If you navigate to the Settings page and click the small icon beside the Delay options, the box will then pop-out into a movable window so you can update delays without navigating to the Settings screen again. Delays are updated on the fly so you don’t need to do anything once you’ve adjusted them.

Mobile Captcha Solving:
With the new companion application you will be alerted when a captcha is needed to be solved. You can then solve that captcha on your mobile itself if you’re not at your desk.

Purchase Proxies inside CyberAIO:
On the Proxies screen you now have the ability to purchase proxies directly from Cybersole LTD, these are instantly activated and added to your proxy list for convenience. This is perfect for last minute releases  and shock drop tasks.

Keyword Sets:
If you seperate a keyword with a “/” CyberAIO will recognise this as an “OR” instead of an “AND”. For example if you used “Yeezy,350/700” - CyberAIO will try to find a product with the keywords“Yeezy” and “350” or “700”.

Google Account Saving:
Google Accounts are now saved automatically once you’ve clicked “Add Account” on the harvester, you can now simply select the account from the drop-down to apply it to the active solver window. You will no longer need to relog into any accounts as they’re now stored permanently.

Shipping Rates:
By applying shipping rates you can drastically increase the speed of the checkout process on Shopify stores. We strongly recommend you do this as it can be the difference between a decline and a successful checkout.

Task Selection:
On the task screen, you can now hold SHIFT or CTRL Select to choose numerous tasks to start/stop, edit or delete.

Task Right Click:
Users can now right click task(s), profiles and shipping rates to launch a small right-click window which has numerous options including cloning.

To perform a mass link change you can simply click ‘F1’ on your keyboard as a handy shortcut. To launch a Quick Task pop-up window you can click ‘F2’ on your keyboard instead.

You can click the ‘Heart’ icon on profiles and proxy lists to use them as default profiles and lists for Quick Tasks.

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