How to create a Finishline task


After launching CyberAIO and navigating to the ‘Tasks’ tab you can click the ‘Create Task’ button on the bottom left to launch this pop-up:




Once you’ve launched that pop-up box you will need to fill in the fields correctly in order for CyberAIO to be able to locate and check out said product. From the drop down menu you’ll need to select Finishline.

After this, you’ll be required to select your desired size(s). In CyberAIO 4.0 you can select numerous sizes so if one size cannot be found it will automatically try to find the other size(s) in order of selection.

In the ‘Product ID’ field, you will then use the Product ID code that is located in any Finishline product link. For instance, take a look at this link: https: //

The Product ID is ‘prod2770629’. You also have the option of inputting a Color ID (different colorways of the shoe) as well. This is also in that link and is ‘101’ right at the end.

After that, select your Profile and your Proxy list, click “Create” and you’re ready to go! Your newly created task should look something like this:



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