In order to drastically decrease Shopify checkout times, users can now pre-load shipping rates on a per-store basis. To do this please start of by launching CyberAIO and navigating to the ‘Rates’ tab on the main navigation bar. After this, simply click the ‘Add Rates’ button like shown below.


After this you’ll encounter a pop up window which will look like the one below. When this appears, select the store from the drop-down menu, the profile you wish to assign the shipping rate to and finally a product URL or a shipping rate ID. Once you’ve filled in all the necessary information you just need to click ‘Fetch’ then select your desired rate. Once the rate has been selected you must click ‘Add’ to save.


Product URL: Simply visit the website you’re creating the rate profile for and copy/paste any product URL from the store to the pop-up window on CyberAIO.

Shipping Rate ID: To manually locate a shipping rate ID you must visit the store on your browser and add any item to cart, then navigate to the shipping method selection stage of the checkout then click “CTRL”+”SHIFT”+”I” then click “CTRL”+”F” and type in ‘radio-wrapper’. Upon doing this you will find a string of code similar to below.


In this example we would then use the following ID inside CyberAIO: "shopify-UPS%20Ground-10.00"

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