Many stores have introduced Captcha “Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers And Humans Apart” - You might know this as the “I’m not a robot” box pictured below.


Google offer “One Clicks” or “Invisible Captchas” to accounts who they deem are active and have genuine human interactions such as browsing the web, sending emails and watching YouTube videos.

With CyberAIO you can login to up to 10 individual Google accounts in order to maximize the chance of being given a “One Click” thus speeding up your checkout process by a matter of seconds. To get started, navigate to the main “Tasks” page and click the “Captcha Queue” button located on the bottom right. Upon clicking this a harvester window will appear like so:

mceclip3.png     mceclip4.png

Once you have a window open, we’d suggest clicking the “+” icon beside “Google Account” to add a new Google account to that harvester. You can then watch YouTube videos inside this browser to maximize the chance of “One Clicks”. After that you can click the “+” icon beside the “Solver 0” to create another solver and then repeat the above steps to login to more accounts. On release day we recommend watching videos on these harvesters for an hour or two before the release and then stopping them 5 to 10 minutes prior.

If you wish to use proxies on your harvester simply enter it in the field below the “Google Account” area. If you’re on a server it’s recommended to use a residential proxy so Google don’t think it’s an
anomaly as this has been known to reduce the chance of “One Clicks”.

Google Accounts are now saved automatically once you’ve clicked “Add Account” on the harvester, you can now simply select the account from the drop-down to apply it to the active solver window. You will no longer need to relog into any accounts as they’re now stored permanently

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