Proxy Lists


In CyberAIO 4.x and beyond, users have access to “Proxy Lists”, you can access these in the “Proxies” tab located on the main navigation bar.

To create a new list simply click the “+” icon beside “No proxy lists”.


Once you’ve clicked this button you’ll be greeted with a pop up, here you will type in the name of the proxy list. For this example, let’s say these are proxies we only wish to use for Supreme US so we’ll name it ‘Supreme US’ to keep things easy.


Upon clicking “Create” the proxy list will become active and any proxies added now (With the “Supreme US” proxy list selected) will be part of this list.

Now when you go back to the main “Tasks” tab and create (or edit) a task, select the “Proxies” drop down menu and select the list you wish to use for that specific task. In the screenshot below you can see where we have numerous example lists to show how you can utilize the proxy lists feature.


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