Shipping Rates

You can increase your chances of purchasing items on Shopify stores by adding shipping rates into Cybersole, this allows the software to skip fetching these during the checkout process which in turn speeds up the time in which it takes you to checkout.


To add a shipping rate you’ll need to navigate to the “Shipping Rates” section of the Settings page and click “Add Rate”. Doing so will bring up a pop-up asking you to select/input numerous options which are as followed:


Store: The Shopify store in which you wish to assign the shipping rate to.

Profile: The profile you wish to use to locate the shipping rate (As rates vary per postal/zip code and country).

Product Link/Rate Token: A product link from the specified website or the specific rate token for advanced users; The link itself is more than sufficient.

Once done click “Fetch Rate” and you’ll find something similar to the screenshot below. In this case the rate located is “DHL Worldwide Express” priced at £22.


To remove a shipping rate you can click the trash-can icon beside the rate once added or click “Clear Rates” to remove all.

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