Smart Actions

To access Smart Actions, you will need to select the following icon: mceclip0.png

Once done you’ll be presented with a pop-up which displays a live feed of products, ignore this and select the “Smart Actions” option located at the top of the pop-up. Here you will find all your Smart Actions along with the option to create new actions. 


To get started, simply click the “New Action” button to launch the Smart Action trigger menu.


To create your own action, you will first need to set your “Trigger” from the list of options which are explained in-bot and on the screenshot below.

Next you will need to select “New Filter” and input your “Variable” and “Operator” along with your “Input”. You can define numerous filters if required.

Lastly, you will need to select your action from the list of options – Once again, you can define numerous if you require.

Once done simply click “Save Smart Action”.

If you wish to rename, disable or edit the interval of your Smart Action you can do so by clicking the settings icon beside the name as seen below and then change the settings inside the pop-up.


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