Shopify is one of the most popular e-Commerce platform used on the internet, thousands of huge retailers such as Kith and Undefeated utilise Shopify for their online stores. If you wish to find out if a store uses Shopify then you can do so by adding "/robots.txt" to the end of URL like so;

If the store is indeed Shopify you will see the following string of text at the top of the page "# we use Shopify as our ecommerce platform".

Below you will find a basic guide outlining how to use Cybersole on Shopify;


Sizes: Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s).

Monitor Input: Keywords can be inputted without a plus sign like so; "jordan,1,high,og". If you wish to add negative keywords you can do so by adding a "-" before the word you wish to avoid eg "jordan,1,high,og,-toddler,-infant,-school" - This would then attempt to find a product with "jordan", "1", "high" and "og" in its name whilst avoiding any products that include "toddler," "infant" or "school".

You can also opt to use '/' in between keywords; This acts as a 'OR' indicator therefore you can run your tasks with keywords such as 'yeezy/yzy,foam,runner/rnnr'.

You can also use a direct product URL if you have one to hand, if the page is loaded you'll also be able to use direct variant numbers (String of numbers which refer to a specific size on a specific product) - We share these variant IDs where possible in our release guides.

Modes: Inside the task creation pop-up you'll find numerous modes to choose from, these include "Fast", "Safe" and "Preload Safe".

Fast: No bot protection on the website whatsoever.

Safe: Password page active but the website also uses bot protection.

Preload Safe: No password page active and the website already has some products loaded.

Proxies: We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential as well as a handful of local tasks if possible.

Monitor Mode: We recommend using "Per Task" but feel free to experiment with the other options to see which setup works best for you.

Delays: We recommend using a high delay of around 10000/10000/30 and then reducing down to around 3000/3000/30 closer to the drop time.

Accounts: You should only use an account if the website requires it.

Shipping Rates: You can use shipping rates in a bid to speed up your checkout process, you can find more details on this inside the Settings documentation.

Quantity: Simply input your desired quantity, 99% of the time you're best off leaving this at 1 due to the scarce nature of many of the products you'll be attempting to purchase.

PayPal: You should only use this option if the site is PayPal only as card checkouts are much more efficient.


We also recommend that you utilise our queue timer when starting tasks, it will let you know how long the queue is to checkout on a wide range of stores. You will want to have your tasks past queue by the time the site drops the product, you can achieve this by simply starting your tasks around 5 minutes before a release. You should also have checkpoint captcha solvers opened and ready to go just in case a solve is required.



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