Supreme refers both the web-store and sign-up releases for Supreme EU/UK, US and JP. Below we will cover all bases of using Cybersole on Supreme.

Please note Supreme now use Shopify.


First up is Sign Ups, to create a sign-up task simply select either EU Signups or US Signups from the task creation drop-down and select your location as well as your profile and proxy group. All other options can be left empty. Once done your task(s) are ready to go.

The following section will cover the standard Supreme webstore;

Sizes: Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s). Regardless of region footwear sizes are in US.

Monitor Input: Please input your keywords (without "+") into this field for example: "hanes,-tagless". This would then try to find a product with "Hanes" in its name but would avoid the "Tagless" products on the store.

Category: Here you will select your desired category, we always post keywords/category breakdowns for each Supreme release inside our Discord server.

Color: Please input the color you wish to purchase, you can use "/" as a OR indicator eg "purple/lavender" - This would then try to find purple OR lavender which is useful when confirmed colors are not available. You do not need to input full colors here either for example "grey" would be suffice for "Heather Grey". Lastly, we do not support negative color keywords.

Profiles: Select your desired profiles here. Please note Supreme enforce a one-per-item-per-customer policy so if you wish to purchase numerous of the same item (Regardless of size or color) then you'll need to ensure you have numerous profiles setup.

Proxies: We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential as well as a handful of local tasks if possible.

Captcha: Supreme currently use hCaptcha so please ensure you have solvers/third-party solvers at the ready.


Under the advanced tab you'll also find the Mode option which consists of "Fast", "Safe" and "Restock". Generally speaking you should be using "FAST" on initial unless stated otherwise in the server/guide on a weekly basis and then a mixture of "Safe", "Fast" and "Restock" after once bot-protection is removed.


Common errors:


- Invalid proxy region
Your proxies are in the wrong region for your locale selected eg you cannot run US proxies on Supreme UK.
- Using a server without proxies
Server IPs are normally blacklisted at checkout.
- Running too many tasks without proxies
Supreme will temporarily ban you and therefore you will not check out.
- Wrong keywords/category/color
Cybersole can not pick up the item if the keyword, category or colour is incorrect.
- Wrong size
Similar to the above, Cybersole can not checkout if the size isn't available eg a size "Large" for a pair of shoes wouldn't exist on the product page and would therefore throw errors.
- Duplicate Order
Supreme side - They do not allow the purchase of the same item (regardless of color/size) more than once. Modify your profiles and retry. We suggest using a different card, email, phone number and altering your address itself.
- Invalid Billing
Normally this is Supreme side and happens to manual users too, it's simply down to traffic. But it could also mean your profile is invalid, please double check your billing profile works when inputted manually to double check.
- Error 429
Temporarily banned from the Supreme store.
- Connection Error
Your proxies are not working
- Size Unavailable
The size you've inputted is not listed on the product you're trying to purchase.
- Color unavailable
The colour you've inputted is not available on the product you're trying to purchase.
- Not finding product
Double check your task set-up as this is 99% of the time down to user error.
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