Yeezy Supply

Yeezy Supply simply refers to the main website used by adidas/Yeezy to release Yeezy products in the United States. Please note this store only ships to the US for the majority of their items but that can change at any time.

Size Select whatever size(s) you want to go for.

For most shoes that drop, you'll want to run "Random" due to the limited quantity of the item.

Monitor Input Insert the SKU at the end of the Yeezy Supply link.

Example Link:

Example Link with no SKU:

Example SKU: GW2869 

Proxies Private subnets have been working best. If you do not have a private subnet, high quality residential proxies are the next best thing. Be sure to run no more than 1:1 as Yeezy Supply is very strict on bans now.

Captcha Captcha is shared across tasks. Set your captcha filter to Yeezy Supply. You can use a third party solver if you'd like, however in-bot should be fine for releases.

Google Accounts We recommend running as many high quality Gmail accounts that you have a 0.7-.09 V3 score is recommended, and accounts with one clicks seem to do better for splash passing as well. Be sure to use a different ISP/DC proxy for each account as you won't want to solve from the same IP and be sure to use the same proxy that you use the train the account.

Start Time We recommend to start when the sale goes live. To check this, you can visit the product URL in your browser, and you'll see it say Sale is live at the top of the screen. This is generally a few minutes after the scheduled drop time.

Delays Delays of around 3500-5000 are suggested but as always experiment and find what works best for you.

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