Custom Shipping Rates

In this article we will quickly cover how to find and add custom shipping rates for Shopify stores to Cybersole. To begin, make sure your Cybersole application is open and you've navigated to the Settings page.


From this page you'll need to select 'Shipping Rates';


Now click 'Add Rates' and select your store and profile from the dropdowns.


Now navigate to the website on your browser and cart a random item of equal size/value of the product you will be using the shipping rate for, then navigate to checkout.

Once you arrive at the following point of the checkout process you will need to right click your desired shipping option and select 'Inspect'


You will then need to locate the shipping method as see below; 


In this example "shopify-Parcelforce%20UK%20Next%20Day%20(Mon-Thurs%20When%20Ordered%20Before%202PM)-5.95" would be the rate for Parcelforce UK Next Day so you would go ahead and copy that and then head back to Cybersole and paste it like so;



You can use the same shipping rate for numerous profiles providing the city/state remains the same, however its best practice to create different rates per profile if there are any major differences since available rates (and costs) may vary.


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