Footsites (EU)

Footsites EU refer to a wide range of Footlocker regions that are not US based. Please note that this also includes other regions such as Singapore and Australia.

Below you will find a basic guide outlining how to use Cybersole on Footsites EU;

Sizes: Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s) - Please keep in mind that this module uses EU sizing.

Monitor Input: This is the 12 digit product SKU which we provide in our guides but can also be found on the product page on the Footlocker website.

Payment: Inside the task creation pop-up you'll find two payment options which you can use. The first of which is card which will just use the payment details attached to your profile whilst the second option is PayPal which will attempt to checkout via the PayPal account provided in the advanced tab.

Proxies: We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential.

Delays: We recommend using delays of around 3000/3000/30 but as always it's subjective to personal preference.

Start Time: Please refer to the notes below.


Additional notes

Footlocker EU uses EU sizing across all EU regions so please use RANDOM or EU sizing for your tasks.

  • If there is no queue you should start your tasks anywhere between the drop time and 5 minutes prior.
  • If there is a Fastly queue up you should start your tasks approximately 2 minutes prior.
  • If there is a Queue It queue up then you can start your tasks no sooner than 30 minutes before the drop.

To find a Footlocker product SKU please see below;

In the above example, the SKU would be 315242218402. You can also locate this on the product page by visiting the 'Details' section of the product page. You can also locate SKUs for products on the release calendar page (With no product page active) by right clicking the image on the calendar, copying the image URL like so;

In this example, 316703034104, would be the SKU.


Common "errors"

"Error submitting order"

95% of the time, this means that your profile information was flagged through Adyen. In most cases, this is a block on the used credit card or the BIN (Bank Identification Number) of your credit card. Note that Adyen bans are not limited to credit card bans only, and can also apply to your used address, phone, or email.

"Error submitting shipping (Rate Limit)"

For months, the infamous zip ban list was limited to only a handful of zip codes. However, over the last few weeks, more and more zip codes have been added to the list. If you see this status code and cannot get past the shipping step at all, it means that your zip code was banned by Footlocker.

"PayPal account unusable (2FA)"

In order to comply with EU regulations (3DSecure), PayPal enforces a secondary form of authentication when making payments. (Even when 2FA is disabled on your account, it will fall back to SMS 2FA through the default mobile number linked to your PayPal account). We have received many "suggestions" from users to add some sort of manual fallback handling in order to tackle this issue. Here are two solutions that have been proposed (and why they won't work):


- "Add a 3DS like browser popup when 2FA is triggered":

Although this might be theoretically possible, as soon as a second task reaches the same step, the account session is invalidated on PayPal's end (equivalent to an account logout).

- "Add a fully manual flow":

In order to avoid the issue mentioned above, the manual browser would have to handle payments one by one. The sites that we support do not have cart or payment holds. So although this solution might work for a single checkout, by the time your second payment can process, your cart would have already been checked out by someone using credit cards or a working PayPal account.

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