Offspring and Office are a retailer based in the UK who release a wide range of products including YEEZY brand items and a range of Nike shoes such as Air Force 1 and Dunks. Both of these retailers ship worldwide.


Please note, Offspring/Office use a third party address validator in order to flag/prevent duplicate orders. Your address must match their process perfectly otherwise you will receive an 'Invalid billing' error. To do this you must manually cart a product on their store, proceed through to checkout and confirm the address. After that, simply use the address presented at their checkout as the address in your profile on Cybersole - You may need to use the full given address under address line 1 if you experience issues.


Below you will find a basic guide outlining how to utilise Cybersole on Offspring/Office;


Sizes: Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s).

Monitor Input: You will need to insert the SKU from Offspring/Office, these can be found on the product page and inside the product URL itself. For example the SKU for this product would be "4387516449"

Proxies: We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential.

Delays: We recommend using a delay of around 2500/2500/30 but as always experimentation is the key to success.


Offspring/Office drops are dominated by a range of bots so most success comes from having the SKUs early and by having unbanned yet fast and reliable proxies.


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