Kith EU utilises Shopify for the majority of the checkout flow but then opts for Global E as their processor, due to this the store behaves slightly differently however the general set-up remains similar to the likes of Shopify.


To get started, simply select 'Kith EU' from the store drop-down and then proceed to fill in the options as seen below;


Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s).


Monitor Input:

Keywords can be inputted without a plus sign like so; "jordan,1,high,og". If you wish to add negative keywords you can do so by adding a "-" before the word you wish to avoid eg "jordan,1,high,og,-toddler,-infant,-school" - This would then attempt to find a product with "jordan", "1", "high" and "og" in its name whilst avoiding any products that include "toddler," "infant" or "school".

You can also opt to use '/' in between keywords; This acts as a 'OR' indicator therefore you can run your tasks with keywords such as 'yeezy/yzy,foam,runner/rnnr'.

Cybersole also includes a smart input method where you can insert the PID such as 'gv6775' and it will attempt to locate that specific product which is useful when keywords/early links cannot be defined for one reason or another.

You can also use a direct product URL if you have one to hand, if the page is loaded you'll also be able to use direct variant numbers (String of numbers which refer to a specific size on a specific product) - We share these variant IDs where possible in our release guides.

You can generate your own Kith EU early links by following the format below, however this should always be used with a pinch of salt.

In order to create your own Kith EU links simply take "" and then add on the following two digit identifiers seen below followed by the product SKU such as, and

  • Nike: nk
  • Jordan: jb
  • Adidas: aa
  • New Balance: nb

Captcha Mode: 

You can use either 'Preharvest' or 'Normal' for Kith EU - Preharvest should be used for running for initial drops, starting your tasks approximately 1 to 2 minutes prior to a scheduled release, solving the required captchas indefinitely. Whilst normal mode should be used for all other scenarios.



Select your desired payment method, either card, Sofort, iDeal, Twint or PayPal. If you're using PayPal please make sure you select your PayPal account from the advanced options and ensure that you're signed into the same account via the PayPal Accounts page inside the global settings page.



We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential as well as a handful of local tasks if running on an unbanned server or local device.



We recommend using a high delay of around 10000/10000/30 and then reducing down to around 3000/3000/30 closer to the drop time. 


The other options are all self explanatory. Speed is crucial on Kith EU due to fast sell out times so be sure to prepare your set-up accordingly.



Due to the GlobalE processor, Kith EU often struggles with traffic and overselling is guaranteed, if your tasks get 'stuck' at 'Submitting order' it will be down to the product being out of stock therefore its recommended to restart your tasks if the bot doesn't automatically return the status to 'Waiting for restock'. Kith EU also issue a lot of cancellations due to the overselling mentioned above so you can expect numerous orders to revert - This is normal and unavoidable. It's also recommended to use numerous profiles with unique/modified addresses, email addresses and billing details as a precaution.

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