After successfully logging into the application you will be greeted with the 'Overview' page which consists of your daily analytics, upcoming releases and recent checkouts.


  • Tapping a release will show further details about said release including recommended keywords, site lists and additional notes such as date, times and general advice.


  • Tapping 'View More' beside the 'Upcoming Releases' header will show you a calendar of upcoming releases which is updated on a weekly basis (Normally 24 hours before a notable release).


  • Tapping a recent checkout will provide you with some additional information in regards to your checkout such as the profile used, store name and order details.

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  • Tapping 'View Full Checkout Log' will redirect you to the 'Checkouts' page.
  • Tapping 'View More' beside the 'Today's Overview' header will redirect you to the 'Analytics' page.


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