Tasks - Instance Management

To navigate to the 'Tasks' page simply tap the second icon from the left on the navigation bar. You will then be greeted with one of your task groups featuring your tasks along with a few options you can play with!

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To access your other task groups tap the hamburger menu at the top left of the page, this will then display a list of your task groups along with giving you the option to search your groups, adjust their order (By tapping the 'Ascending' text) or even create a new group directly from your mobile phone. On this menu you can also tap the rocket icon to access your Smart Actions remotely where you can toggle them on/off whilst on the move!


To mass edit tasks you can tap 'Manage' beside the 'Stop All' button which will allow you to mass link change or adjust delays as well as clear your tasks or delete the group itself. If you tap 'Instance' whilst on this bottom sheet you'll be able to perform the same actions but across the full instance and not just a group - You can also remote update Cybersole here too!

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You can also create tasks just as you would on the Cybersole application itself by tapping the '+' icon and then proceeding with the usual task-creation, including selecting the store, your sizes, your input, your profiles, your proxies and more. Selecting stores from the drop-down will automatically adjust the interface to cater for different requirements (Just like the core Cybersole application does) as well as show/hide the 'Advanced' options. 

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To edit tasks (Such as sizing, profiles, inputs etc) you can simply click the pencil icon beside the '+' and you'll be greeted with a similar interface as the 'create task' but with the ability to edit your existing tasks.


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