Email Accounts (IMAP)

The Email Accounts tab in Cybersole is used for Internet Message Access Protocol, better known as IMAP. Stores that utilize a new version of Shopify's login as well as soon to be Nike login will be able to utilize this. Essentially, what it does is take a login verification code from your email, and automatically fill it in for the bot, meaning, no manual work other than set up your emails and profiles properly is required.

1. Head to the Settings tab in Cybersole, then to Email Accounts. You will see a page like this:

2. Click Add Accounts. A popup will appear like so:

Choose as the preferred IMAP Provider since many use Gmail. If you do not have 2FA enabled for your Gmail account, enable it now. 

3. Head to and ensure that Enable IMAP is ticked. Next, head to You will see a page like so:

Type your App name and then click Create. You will now see your app password, and will then paste that into the Password input from Step 2. If you see a green dot next to your email account after adding, you are good to go. If not, restart the process.

Keep in mind that this only works if your profile email matches your email account in settings, so be sure to match them up! This works with catchalls/forwarded mails to one email too. Now, whenever you are requested for login, the bot will automatically submit your login code. If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the Discord!


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