PayPal Accounts

Again, similar to the Accounts/Google section – once you load this tab you’ll be greeted with a similar page, once again click the “Add Account” to get started.

This will bring up another pop-up asking you to insert your PayPal email address and password along with asking you to select the proxy group you wish to use for all PayPal requests made by that account. On this pop-up you can also configure the maximum inactive session duration (How long Cybersole will keep your PayPal session active if no PayPal related requests are made).


It's important to read the following notes in regards to using your PayPal accounts inside Cybersole; You cannot use a bank account OR PayPal balance as payment as part of this module, only stored cards are supported. Cybersole will attempt to locate the card used on your profile (Via the last 4 digits of the card number) inside PayPal when checking out, if the card cannot be located it will revert to your default card on your PayPal account. 

Below you will find some common errors you may experience when using PayPal accounts on your tasks.


Card Selection failed (1)
This means you have no payment methods available whatsoever on your PayPal account. To fix you will need to simply add a card to your PayPal account via the website.
Card Selection failed (2)
This error will occur if Cybersole cannot locate both the card from your billing profile, and a preferred/default card saved to your PayPal account. To fix you will need to once again add a default/preferred card to your PayPal account via the website.




When finished you’ll see the following two icons beside your account in the column:


The left play icon will open a browser allowing you to login to your PayPal account. This is especially useful when you want to create a PayPal session in advance to a drop. (Replaces the "PayPal preload" feature known from 4.0)

The garbage icon will remove that specific account from your list.

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