Captcha Providers

To add or configure third-party captcha providers simply select the “Captcha Providers” tab on the Settings page and then click “Add Source”. Doing this will bring up a pop-up asking you to input the following:

Name: The name you wish to give your provider.

Platform: The third-party platform you wish to integrate.

API Key: The API key from said third-party platform (This varies per provider and you’ll need to refer to their specific documentation to generate or locate your API key).

Concurrency: How many captcha requests you wish to be submitted at any given time per provider – This can either be a number ranging from 1-999. 

  • Multiple 3rd party API's (without AYCD): With Capmonster and 2Captcha as providers, each set at 50 concurrency, and 100 tasks requiring captcha solving, 50 tasks will be directed to Capmonster and 50 to 2Captcha.
  • AYCD Exclusive: If exclusively using AYCD, set concurrency to 999 for maximum captcha solving.
  • AYCD with secondary 3rd party API: AYCD users with a secondary provider like Capsolver in bot can opt for a lower concurrency due to the toughness of solving mass captchas with Gmail accounts. The secondary provider's concurrency can be set to 999. If 50 captchas are assigned to AYCD, excess captcha requests would overflow to the secondary provider



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