Adding/Removing Proxies

To add proxies to your desired proxy group you will need to click the “Add Proxies” button. Doing so will launch a pop-up as pictured below.


Firstly, ensure you have the correct Proxy Group selected in the drop-down beside the “Add Proxies” title then proceed to either copy/paste your proxies into the input field (IP:PORT:USER:PASS and IP:PORT supported, one per line) OR drag and drop a .txt file consisting of your proxies into the area provided (Again, (IP:PORT:USER:PASS and IP:PORT supported, one per line).

Once done click the “Import” button to finish the process.

You can remove your proxies either one by one via the trashcan icon beside each proxy or by clicking “Clear All”.

You can also use the “More” button to clear proxies which failed during testing or to clear proxies that are slower than your desired speed.


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