Data & Logs

You can import, export and backup your CyberAIO data via the “Data” tab on the Settings page. To export any of your data please click the specific data you wish to backup/export via “Select data” dropdown. Once done click “Export” to open a file explorer window, here you can navigate to your desired storage location and rename the file if need be.

To completely reset your data inside CyberAIO simply select the category you wish to reset from the drop-down and click the “Reset” button.

To import your data back into CyberAIO you’ll need to once again select the data you wish to import from the drop-down but this time click the box below to select the import file, alternatively you can drag and drop your file into the box instead.

Below the data section you’ll find a few options relating to log – Logs are helpful when reporting issues or if you wish to check specific timestamps on a checkout process.

To view your logs simply click the “View Logs” button. If you wish to cap your log file size for whatever reason you can opt to do so by inserting a figure into the field beside that option. You can also choose how long your log will retain its data from the dropdown beside “Maximum Retention Time”. Your options here range from 3 hours to 1 month.



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