Triggers can be described as an event that initiates the process of a Smart Action. There are various triggers that can be selected in the Smart Actions menu: 


Product Monitor: Triggers when the In-bot monitor detects a new product or restock

Event Monitor: Triggers when the In-bot monitor detects a new event

Quicktask: Triggers when you open a Quicktask link

Command: Triggers when you send a command through the API (mainly developer use)

Task Result: Triggers when a task succeeds or fails

Task Group Limits: Triggers when a task group's limits are reached

Proxy Group Limits: Triggers when a proxy group's limits are reached

Time: Triggers at a specific time

Key Gesture: Triggers when a key gesture is detected


Once a Trigger has a set of conditions or filters met, Cybersole will automatically execute the desired commands in a lightning fast manner. 

Each trigger will have a different set of filters, or conditions, which is further explained in the Filters article.

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