Triggers can be described as an event that initiates the process of a Smart Action. They are responsible for starting and passing essential data to your Smart Actions called "Variables".


There are various triggers that can be selected in the Smart Actions menu: 



The most common trigger is "Product Monitor", this is connected to the live monitor feed that can be found by clicking mceclip0.png in the top navigation bar. Do note that the filters selected in the Monitor Feed do not apply to Smart Actions.


When a Smart Action is triggered, data from that "event" is passed to your filters and actions (such as store name, product name, sizes etc for product monitor) these are referred to as "Variables" and their values will likely be different every time (depending on the product restocked/added for example).


For the product monitor trigger, the current list of variables are:



You may hover your mouse over a selected variable to view a brief description of it:


Variables are used in conjunction with filters to only run your actions under certain conditions and in your action configurations


Next, read the Filters and Actions articles to understand how to use Variables!

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