Smart Action Logs

Included in Update onwards is the option to view logs attached to each of your Smart Actions. To do this simply open up Smart Actions and right click any of the existing actions in your list then select 'View logs'.


Doing this will then open another window which will look similar to the below;


In the example above you can see triggers, filters and actions for a Smart Action task named 'Slam Jam Auto Tasks'. More importantly, you can see why a task did or not did not trigger - This is colour coded with 'green' meaning it was successful and 'red' being an error. You can then hover over each bubble to find out additional details in order to trouble shoot your Smart Actions.


As you can see above, Product Monitor is green because a new product or restock was detected in the in-bot monitor. However both 'Store Name equals' and 'Input equals' failed due to the store not matching my filters and therefore the Smart Action was stopped from proceeding any further. By hovering over one of the filters we can see exact reasoning as to why it failed with this example being because the store named equalled 'Kith' and not 'Slam Jam'. You can hover over any step inside your logs for further details throughout all stages of a Smart Action.


In the following example you can see that the store name filter was correctly passed but the input filter wasn't, meaning none of the products in our test action were visible on the parsed link from the in-bot monitor and therefore the action did not proceed any further.



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