Actions can be described as just that. It is what you want the desired result of your Smart Action to be based off the Trigger and Filters you have set in the previous steps.


There are a number off different Actions that you can select within the Smart Actions menu. In addition, you can have as many Actions as you'd like within one Smart Action making the possibilities endless in terms of what Cybersole can do. 


Create Task Group: Creates a new empty task group with the provided name
Delete Task Group: Deletes the specified task group

Clear Task Group: Clears and stops all tasks in the specified task group

Start Task Group: Start all tasks in the selected task group

Stop Task Group: Stop all tasks in the selected task group

Go to Task Group: Navigates to the specified task group

Get Current Task Group: Returns the currently active task group

Mass Link Change: Changes the Input of all tasks matching the passed URL

Create Tasks: Create Tasks in the selected task group

Delete Tasks: Deletes the specified tasks

Start Tasks: Starts the specified tasks

Stop Tasks: Stops the specified tasks

Stop Tasks After: Stops the specified tasks after a certain duration

Move Tasks: Moves the specified tasks to the selected task group

Set Group Delays: Sets the delays of the specified task group

Set Global Delays: Sets the global delays

Reset Task Group Limits: Resets all specified task group limits

Reset Proxy Group Limits: Resets all specified proxy group limits

Get Clipboard: Returns the current copied text

Close Bot: Closes the entire application


One example of Actions in action is if you want to Quicktask an item from a Shopify website, in different modes other than the default Fast mode from the Quicktask Settings in the Settings page of Cybersole.


In this Smart Action, if a Quicktask link is clicked or opened, Cybersole will create and start 2 Safe mode tasks using the specified Profile(s) and Proxy Group. Other modes such as Fast, Safe Preload, Restock, App, and etc. can be added or modified with additional Actions.


By clicking the More option, Actions can be further defined to make for an extremely robust and customizable outcome. The possibilities are truly endless as you can see when it comes to Cybersole and Smart Actions.


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