Setting up Google Pay is useful for certain stores such as Kith and Cncpts. You can set this up by following the steps below:

1. Open bot and head to the "Billing" tab.
2. Click edit on which billing profile you want to use Google Pay on.
3. In the bottom part of the modal, you will see "Google Pay" and "0 sites configured".
4. Click "Configure" and select which site you want to use it on: "Kith" or "Cncpts" then click "Add / Update".
5. From here, click "G Pay" on the Shopify checkout.
6. Login, insert your card details, billing and shipping info, as well as your phone number.
7. Scroll down and click "Pay". Note, this will not actually pay for that item. It will only save it to the bot.
8. Repeat on as many profiles as you want. Be sure to use different accounts and payments on each one.
9. When making tasks, you'll see "Google Pay" as payment on Kith and Cncpts. You must select it as payment if you want to use it.

Extra recommendations:

  • Do not use Google Pay data extracted more than a week after setup (create another session).
  • Stick to a 1 profile -> task ratio.
  • Unsure on whether your extracted Google Pay data is still valid -> Simply go to through process of adding Google Pay to your profile again.

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