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Task Creation

Store: Select your desired Supreme region from the dropdown.

Size: Select your desired size(s) from the dropdown.

Profiles: Select your desired profile(s) from the dropdown.

Proxies: Select your desired proxy group from the dropdown. Supreme throttles on release, so run 2 tasks with local and then the rest on residential proxies. You can run ISP if you want alongside those other tasks, but there is a 99% chance they will not work on release.

Keywords: Keywords can be entered without a plus sign, as shown: "box, logo, hood". To include negative keywords, add a "-" before the word to avoid, like this: "box, logo, hood, -small". Alternatively, you can use '/' between keywords to indicate 'OR'. For instance, with keywords like 'box, logo, hood/shirt', the search would aim to find a product name containing "box logo hoo" OR "box logo shirt".

Color: Input your preferred color from the weekly release guide. Enter one color per task. If you're unsure about the exact color but have a general idea, you can use '/' between colors to denote 'OR'. For example, if you're looking for a tan-ish color and are uncertain about the exact color wording, you can input 'tan/beige/natural'. Note that this approach is meant for cases when you're uncertain about the color and doesn't apply to tasks involving multiple colors, as each task would prioritize the first color listed.

Quantity: Some items you will be able to checkout multiples of per checkout however most in-demand releases/collaborations will be restricted to 1 per cart.

Mode: Always run Safe Preload unless stated otherwise in the release guide or #information. 

Restock Monitoring: Disabled

Payment Method: Always run Card unless stated otherwise.

Monitor Mode: We recommend keeping this as "per task".

Delays: Start with 10,000/10,000 upon task start, then lower to around 2500/2500 around 10-15 seconds before the release.



Supreme can use either reCaptcha or hCaptcha during releases. For optimal performance, we suggest having a collection of high-quality Gmail accounts logged into the Google Accounts tab in Settings. These accounts can then be assigned to your captcha solvers. To do this, navigate to the tasks page and click on Captcha Solver in the bottom right corner. From there, you can assign one Gmail account per solver by selecting your account in the bottom left corner of the solver.

For both reCaptcha and hCaptcha, it's recommended to keep the filter set to All Captchas. Additionally, consider incorporating a Capsolver key into your Captcha Providers tab to enhance the captcha-solving process. You can find more detailed information on this here.

During the drop time, hCaptcha should be solved automatically within the bot. However, in the case of reCaptcha, manual solving is necessary. Capsolver will work in the background to assist you with solving captchas as needed. Keep in mind that Capsolver may crash due to the insane amount of requests it will be getting, so do not FULLY rely on it!



- Accounts are not needed for Supreme.

- Start tasks around 5-7 minutes before the scheduled release.

- Supreme may drop a minute or two early.

- For restocks, you are free to use variants or product link if preferred.

- Throttling is disabled after checkpoint goes down. You can swap to ISP's once this occurs.

- For more Shopify assistance, visit the link at the top of the page.

- Weekly release guides containing product keywords and colors can be found here.

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