Getting started with Shopify

Shopify is one of the most popular e-Commerce platform used on the internet, thousands of huge retailers such as Kith and Undefeated utilise Shopify for their online stores. If you wish to find out if a store uses Shopify then you can do so by adding "/robots.txt" to the end of URL like so;

If the store is indeed Shopify you will see the following string of text at the top of the page "# we use Shopify as our ecommerce platform".

Getting started with Shopify on Cybersole:

Sizes: Firstly, you'll need to input your desired size(s).

Monitor Input: Keywords can be inputted without a plus sign like so; "jordan,1,high,og". If you wish to add negative keywords you can do so by adding a "-" before the word you wish to avoid eg "jordan,1,high,og,-toddler,-infant,-school" - This would then attempt to find a product with "jordan", "1", "high" and "og" in its name whilst avoiding any products that include "toddler," "infant" or "school".

You can also opt to use '/' in between keywords; This acts as a 'OR' indicator therefore you can run your tasks with keywords such as 'yeezy/yzy,foam,runner/rnnr'.

You can also use a direct product URL if you have one to hand, if the page is loaded you'll also be able to use direct variant numbers (String of numbers which refer to a specific size on a specific product) - We share these variant IDs where possible in our release guides.

Modes: Refer to this guide on how each mode functions and this guide for what modes to run on known Shopify stores.

Proxies: We recommend using a wide range of proxies including ISPs, DCs and Residential as well as a max of 2 local tasks.

Monitor Mode: We recommend using "Per Task" but feel free to experiment with the other options to see which setup works best for you.

Delays: We recommend using a high delay of around 10000/10000/30 and then reducing down to around 3000/3000/30 closer to the drop time.

Accounts: You should only use an account if the website requires it.

Shipping Rates: You can use shipping rates in a bid to speed up your checkout process, you can find more details on this inside the Settings documentation.

Quantity: Simply input your desired quantity, 99% of the time you're best off leaving this at 1 due to the scarce nature of many of the products you'll be attempting to purchase.

PayPal: You should only use this option if the site is PayPal only as card checkouts are much more efficient.

When To Start Tasks: On Shopify, there is a queue that you must get through to avoid requeue on initial releases. This is caused by traffic from bots on the store. Typically, queue goes up ranging anywhere from 2-10 minutes before the release. To monitor this, you can start a task and see how long queue is. If you do not see "In Queue", then there is no queue yet. Keep restarting a task every so often to ensure that you get in and out of queue before the release. You want to get out of queue around 2-3 minutes before the scheduled release. You can monitor this via the queue timer on the task if you are in queue.



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