Creating Tasks

To create a task, you will need to click the “Task Creator” button on the bottom left of the interface. Here you can select which group you wish the task(s) to appear in via the drop-down at the top. After this simply select your store, size, monitor input, profiles, proxies and quantity.


Cybersole supports URL, Variants, SKUs and Keywords on a range of websites, please refer to the specific store-type documentation or our specific release guidance for further details.

If you wish to schedule your tasks to start on a specific date/time you can do so by adjusting the start time, this uses your devices local time so bare this in mind when scheduling.

If you navigate to the “Advanced” tab inside the “Task Creator” pop-up you are also able to set numerous options such as Monitor Mode (Explained in-bot), Monitor/Retry/Timeout delays and a price checker. A brief overview of the delay options and price checker can be found below:


Monitor Delays: This is the delay in which Cybersole routinely scans the website for your desired keyword, URL, variant or SKU.

Retry Delays: This is the delay in which Cybersole will wait before trying to proceed with the carting/checkout process after an error or timeout.

Timeout: Timeout is the length of time Cybersole will wait for your proxy to respond, if it exceeds the requested time, it will return a “Timeout” error. Some websites struggle with heavy traffic and therefore you may not be able to connect, in this case you’d increase your timeout to cater for it.

Price Checker: This function helps you to avoid purchasing incorrect or inflated products by verifying the price before checkout.


To edit any existing tasks simply select the "Edit Tasks" button whilst selecting the task(s) you wish to edit. You can also click the edit icon beside a specific task or use the right click menu if you find it more convenient.


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