Task Groups

To get started we suggest you utilize Task Groups to keep everything organized and simple! To create a new Task Group simply click where it says “Group 1” on the top left then select “New Group”, this will then open a pop-up asking you to input a name for your group, once done click create.



Now you have your very first Task Group, you can then select the ellipsis icon (…) to the right of your group name to open the Group Settings, once done you’ll be presented with another pop-up. Here you can adjust delays per group as well as set checkout limits, you can also rename or delete your group via this section too.

A brief overview of the group settings can be found below;

Monitor Delays: This is the delay in which Cybersole routinely scans the website for your desired keyword, URL, variant or SKU.

Error Delays: This is the delay in which Cybersole will wait before trying to proceed with the carting/checkout process.

Timeout: Timeout is the length of time Cybersole will wait for your proxy to respond, if it exceeds the requested time, it will return a “Timeout” error. Some websites struggle with heavy traffic and therefore you may not be able to connect, in this case you’d increase your timeout to cater for it.

Total Checkout Limit: The total number of checkouts amongst all tasks in the specific group that Cybersole will aim to achieve before stopping.

Checkout limit per profile: The total number of checkouts per profile inside the specific group.

Reset Limits after: The length of time to wait until the checkout limits are reset inside the specific group.

Next up, we introduce the Captcha Solving Source Filter.

You now have the option to filter whether your captchas will be solved exclusively by in-bot captcha solvers, only by third-party solvers, or by both (which has been the default behaviour up until now).

This feature is particularly beneficial for sites using Recaptcha V3 (e.g., Funko). Although RecaptchaV3 tokens are sent to both third-party and in-bot solvers, tokens solved by in-bot solvers were usually the only ones utilised by your tasks. This is due to RecaptchaV3 not requiring any user input, thus solving instantly.

Previously, we advised users to "select a random filter" for their in-bot solvers. This approach is now obsolete. The new, easier-to-understand Captcha Source Filter should be used instead.

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