Expressions help you to modify your profiles without the need of any manual interaction or third-party applications. To get started we suggest right clicking the interface and selecting “Create Test Profile” so you can see an examples of expressions in action, alternatively you can click “Add Profile” or edit an existing profile to view the Expression tab.

Once done you will find the attached to the left of your profile creation pop-up:


If you hover over options, you will find information corresponding to how to utilize the specific expression in your task creation. You can also use the “Test” input field below the Expression Guide to play around with this feature before copying inputs to your clipboard and pasting them into your actual profile.

“{num:4}” will generate a random string of 4 numbers.

“{range:5-10}” will generate a random number between 5 and 10.

“{range:a-z}” will generate a random letter between a and z (Lowercase).

“{range:A-Z}” will generate a random letter between A and Z (Uppercase).

“{rand:1,2,3}” will generate a random number from the numbers provided in the sequence.

“{firstName}” will generate a random first name.

“{lastName}” will generate a random surname/last name.

“{email}” will generate a random email address.

 “{phone}” will generate a random phone number.

You can mix and match expressions to combine them into a single field such as “{num:3} {firstName} Street” will generate an address like “3 John Street” so the possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

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