The default Quicktask settings only allow for very basic configuration. If you'd like to have Quicktasks use a specific mode or specific profiles based on the store type then you'll need to use a Smart Action.


In this example I'll be showing you how you can create a Smart Action to use a certain profile group for Shopify tasks and to have it create both Fast and Safe mode tasks.


In other words we are trying to achieve the following: 

WHEN Quicktask is triggered AND IF store type equals "Shopify" THEN create tasks THEN start tasks


Our Smart Action will look something like this:

Trigger: Quicktask

  - Variable: Store Type Operator: Equals Input: Shopify


   - Create Tasks with mode Fast

   - Create Tasks with mode Safe

   - Start Tasks "Tasks"

   - Start Tasks "Tasks (1)"


And when put all together:



This Smart Action will trigger when the Quicktask store type is for Shopify and will create and start 2 sets of tasks with all the profiles from the "Shopify" profile group, one with Fast mode and the other with Safe mode.

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