Below you will find explanations for a wide range of task status messages inside Cybersole 5.0.


Error Searching for Product (Conn Error)
Your task is having issues connecting to the site. This is typically the result of your proxies not being about to connect to the site - Changing your proxies will normally solve this issue.


Waiting for Restock (ATC)
Your task is waiting for a restock in order to add the product to your cart.


Adding to Cart
Your task is trying to add the product to the cart as it has detected stock is available.


Starting at XX/XX XX:XX:XX
Your task has been scheduled to start at the specified date and time, and will automatically start if not stopped.


Waiting for product
Your task, set up with a URL in the task query, has identified the desired product page and is waiting for the product to go live.


Error Submitting Order (Handle Error)
This error is normally related to website security, payment processor issues or proxy-related problems. However, please report this error inside the #bugs channel.


Error Waiting For Shipping Rates
Again, this is somewhat new to me as I have only seen it on a report from Titan22 App Mode. Assuming its Shipping Rates not being loaded on a product but a dev can give better insight.


Login Required
The site you are trying to run requires a login to progress through the checkout process. This mostly applies to Shopify sites such as Undefeated, CNCPTS, etc. During task creation, ensure you are selecting an account to be used in the Advanced section. The list of accounts available are ones you have added from the Account section within the settings page of Cybersole.


Error searching for product (Request Timeout)
Your tasks have not yet picked up any product based on the keywords you have entered. Based on your timeout within the Advanced section of your task, Cybersole will attempt to keep searching for a product that satisfies your keyword input.


Request Error (Proxies Tab)
The proxies you are testing are either not IP authenticated to your IP address or are simply not functional. Please ensure that you are using working, alive proxies.


Error Waiting for Restock (Banned)
Your IP/Proxies have been banned temporarily. Stop your tasks for a little bit or change proxies.


Request Timeout
This is almost 100% a proxy issue. This typically means your proxy isn’t getting through on the site. This happens a lot on Shopify stores when they have heavy throttling on. To get around this, you can attempt to increase your timeout delay, or change proxies.


Unsupported Country
The store you’re attempting to checkout on has either messed up their shipping rates, or they do not ship to your country.


Invalid redirect (payment)
This typically means the store’s payment processor is having issues/not accepting payments at this time. Be sure to report this in our #bugs channel so developers can take a look into it regardless.


Successfully Checked Out
The task has successfully purchased the desired item.


Payment Declined
Your payment was declined, this could be caused by site/traffic issues on a payment processor or simply your profiles payment method being declined.


Awaiting Captcha
The task needs a captcha to be solved in order to proceed, please make sure the captcha harvester is open.


Error getting session (conn air)

This error is normally down to a proxy issue, please try using localhost (Non-server) and other proxies to troubleshoot.


Error getting session (Rate limit)

This error is normally down to a proxy issue, please try using localhost (Non-server) and other proxies to troubleshoot or simply stop your tasks and wait a few minutes for the temporary ban to be lifted. If this occurs its also recommended to increase your delays.

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