How do I set up AYCD AutoSolve with Cybersole?

1. Purchase AYCD Captcha Pass for $44/m with our discounted purchase link (must be a member in the Cybersole discord). For more information on AYCD, you can visit our partnership details here

2. After you have purchased, head to your AYCD account page and click "Download Toolbox".

3. Once downloaded and installed, run AYCD Toolbox and install "OneClick" from the "Desktop Apps" section.

4. Once that is installed, open OneClick. You will see something like this, but without solvers.

5. Click File > Add Solver

6. You will see a screen like this. Modify the name, quantity, and be sure to set your proxy list. ISP proxies are recommended here. You can add them in the "Proxies" tab in OneClick.

7. Congrats, you've added your solvers. Simple, right? Now, head to AYCD AutoSolve and click "Copy Access Token". Head to Settings > Captcha Providers in Cybersole, and click "Add Source". Name your captcha provider, select the platform (AYCD), set concurrency to 999 if you are only using AYCD (more info here on concurrency) and paste in your Access Token (second input).

You will still need the API Key. You can create your Cybersole API key from the same link that you copied your AYCD Access Token from. You will see "AutoSolve API Bot Keys" if you scroll down on that page. Click "Create", name your API key, then click "Save". You will now see your API key. Copy that, then paste that in the API Key input in Cybersole.

We recommend disabling Hcaptchas sending to AYCD as it typically tends to slow your machine down, and our state of the art Hcaptcha AI will solve in bot for you. Simply click the dropdown under "Captcha Types", and deselect "HCaptcha" and "HCaptcha Invisible".

8. Now, you have successfully linked AYCD AutoSolve to Cybersole, and you've already made your solvers in AYCD. Now, all you need to do is farm your solvers to get a good reputation with Google. To do this, you can simply select your solvers in OneClick, and click "Start Farming". More info can be found on AYCD's website

9. Now, whenever you think your solvers are ready to solve captchas, simply select them, right click, and click "Start AutoSolve". To test to see if your connection is good to AYCD and that captchas are being solve, we recommend running multiple test tasks on store "Kith" with your task input as "a". Be sure to run a test profile as this will pick up a random item on their webstore.

10. Congratulations, you are now fully set up to solve reCaptcha captchas autonomously with AYCD AutoSolve. If you have any questions, open a support ticket in the Discord.

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