Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a range of frequently asked questions in regards to all aspect of Cybersole. 


Q: How can I use specific modes for quick tasks?

A: You can adjust your quick task mode by using Smart Actions.

Q: Is there any way to cancel my rental?

A: You cannot cancel a rental once it has been submitted. Inputting the delivery email correctly is your sole responsibility.

Q: Is there a way to pause my renewal subscription?

A: We no longer allow subscriptions to be paused. Please refer to this article for more information on renewals.

Q: Why am I stuck on "Authenticating" after downloading?

A: Please redownload the installer via the User Dashboard or by clicking here, reboot and then retry.

Q: How can I use 3rd party captcha services opposed to regular captchas?

A: Please see the Captcha Providers documentation located here.

Q: What concurrency should I put for third party captcha services?

A: This option is simply personal preference, you can set a specific number if you desire or you can just leave it disabled.

Q: How do I correctly set up for website X, Y or Z?

A: Please refer to the release guidance in-bot and on the User Dashboard and site-specific master guides inside the documentation.

Q: How do I update my renewal payment method?

A:  You can update your renewal payment method by navigating to your User Dashboard and clicking "Update Card Info".

Q: How do I download Cybersole?

A: You can download Cybersole via the User Dashboard or by clicking here.

Q: How do I locate my license key?

A: You can locate your license key on your User Dashboard, inside your bot itself and on your license key delivery email. If for any reason you cannot locate your license key please open a ticket.

Q: I've migrated from 4.0 but my email has yet to arrive?

A: Please be patient and keep an eye on your Spam/Junk folders, sending numerous requests will only cause further delays. If you've waited 48 hours and still have not received an email please open a ticket.

Q: How do I get in touch for urgent support?

A: We offer direct support via a ticket system, if you need assistance please open a ticket

Q: How do I download the new 5.0 companion mobile application?

A: The new 5.0 companion application can be downloaded on both the iOS App Store and Google Play like any other application, please see the mobile page on our website for more information.

Q: Do group delays override individual task delays?

A: No they do not. Individual task delays take precedence over group delays.

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