When should I start tasks?

Start tasks around 5-7 minutes before the scheduled release.

What delays should I use?

Start with 10,000/10,000 upon task start, then lower to around 2500/2500 around 10-15 seconds before the release.

What mode should I use? 

Safe Preload unless stated otherwise.

What payment method should I use? 

Card unless stated otherwise.

Can I check out different items with the same profile?


Can I checkout different products within one cart? 

No, one product per cart. You can, however, do multiple quantity of one item, however it is risky and may result in cancels.

Are accounts needed? 


What proxies should I use? 

Residential proxies on release.

Can I use multiple colors on one task? 

No, one color per task.

Should I be signed into multiple gmails and assign them to my captcha solvers? 


What filter should I use on my captcha solvers? 

All Captchas.

Should I add Capsolver to my Captcha Providers tab in Settings? 

Yes. It will solve in the background as you solve manually. See more here.

What captcha will Supreme use?

They have the option to use hCaptcha or reCaptcha. Be ready for either.

Does capitalization or spacing matter in keywords?


What proxy will my browser use on Super Safe (if stated to run it)?

The proxy will be your local IP. To set a specific IP, you can do so in Settings -> General. This is useful if your IP is throttled, as well as if your local IP is US and you are trying to checkout on UK. You will need a UK residential proxy in the ATC Browser Proxy in this case, and vice versa for other regions.

For more Supreme guidance, review our general guide here. For weekly Supreme release guides, review them here

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