2-Factor Authentication

As mentioned in the User Dashboard documentation itself, we strongly recommend you set up 2-Factor Authentication as soon as possible in order to secure your account.


To do so please visit your "Account" page and enable 2-Factor Authentication by clicking "Configure Two-Factor Auth" as shown below.




After you click the option a pop-up will appear, simply use an Authenticator application to scan the QR code and then input the 6 digit code from your application into the pop-up. 




Once this is complete we suggest you take note of your backup codes in case you lose access to your Authenticator application, you can do this by clicking "View Details" then "View Recovery Codes".




You will then be prompted for your password to proceed;



You will then find your current recovery codes which can be used instead of the 6 digit authenticator application code. These have a one-time usage but you can generate new codes at any given moment via the "Generate New Codes" button. If you wish to save all your current codes into a .txt file you can do so by selecting the download icon.






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